Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1st day of 1st grade for our 1st born

As expected, Sarah's first day of school this year was very different than her first day of school last year - for all of us! Most importantly, Daddy was in the country (at home, more specifically). The nervous, anxious, first-day-of-kindergarten-jitters, were replaced this year with confidence, readiness and excitement. It was so comforting to walk her through the halls into her classroom and see so many familiar faces this year. Her teacher seems wonderful, and she already knows a handful of kids in her class. I think it's going to be a great year!

Quick trip to Austin

My mom and I took the girls to Austin last week to visit my grandparents, which I hadn't done all summer. I'm lucky enough to have 4 living grandparents, so it's really special to see my kids with each of them. We got to see my sister too, the bride-to-be! She had a bouquet of flowers for each of the girls and asked them to be flower girls in her wedding .... oh, were they excited!

Tiny dancer

Julia started dance class last week. There's just something so cute about little girls in pink leotards and tights! She gets to do tap and ballet and evidently they go on "bear hunts" too! She's loving it so far.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Special Sarah

The past week has been filled with significant milestones for Sarah, including turning 6 years old! We celebrated the weekend before her actual birthday with a pool party at our neighborhood pool. She had a blast with her family and friends and was super excited about some of the presents she opened. On her actual birthday us girls went to IHOP for breakfast (and a birthday sundae of course!). The waitresses made her a silly hat out of a coffee filter with sugar substitute packets stapled to it - she LOVED it! One of her favorite things right now are fake fingernails, which Julia remembered, and said she wanted to get for Sarah for her birthday. I love it when such small things mean so much to kids!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Disney World!

Well, here it is exactly two weeks before school starts, and this is my first post all summer long. It hasn't been for lack to blog about or desire to blog, I just have-not-had-the-time-or-energy! We've had such a busy summer - which is okay by me because at my household boredom tends to equal trouble and fighting. Anyway, I couldn't let the most significant part of summer go without a tribute on my neglected blog, so ...

We vacationed at Disney World from July 26 - August 1, thanks in part to a discount Disney is giving military members right now. This was truly a dream come true for me, because last fall, while Carlton was still in Afghanistan, and I was desperately needing something to look forward to, I started daydreaming about going to Disney World. Carlton had never been to Disney, and was skeptical about the effort and financial investment really being worth all of the "magic" that Disney touts. After several dead-end conversations about my little daydream, I dismissed it as something we'd just have to revisit another year. But, one day Carlton came home and said, "I think we should go to Disney!" I gave him a strange look as if I was uncertain that the man that just said those words was really my husband, and then quickly replied, "okay, let's do it" (so as to not give him a second to change his mind!). We did lots of research, planning, polling friends who had already made the trek and shopping to get ready.

In a nutshell, parts of our trip were very magical. You just can't recreate the magic of meeting the princesses face-to-face, or any of the other characters for that matter. It's not every night you get to see fireworks over Cinderella's castle or see a magnificent light parade with all of your favorite Disney characters.
And, visitng some of the Disney icons like the Dumbo ride and It's a Small World were very nostalgic for me, since I went to Disney Land several times as a small child while we lived in California. It was a full-circle moment for me to watch my kids enjoy some of the same rides I had enjoyed as a child. However, I am certain that collectively we have never been as hot as we were on this trip. I mean h-o-t! It also rained more than normal while we were there which complicated getting to and from the parks. Some days the kids were just so miserable from the "conditions" that it was hard for them to enjoy all of the magic, and of course it wore on us parents too (especially when you know how much you're paying for it all!). That said, we made some wonderful memories, and I'm certain that as time passes we will remember all of the magic, and less of the misery!

I think I took close to 300 pictures, but here are some of our favorites!